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Welcome to the NextPayge in Social Networking.

NextPayge.Social is part of the fediverse and can communicate with other sites services like Mastodon, GNUSocial, Friendica and Others.
NextPayge is a GLBTQ+ First and Foremost community that Is Accepting of Everyone whom is accepting of us including the Witchy and Weird, Wicca/Pagan/Metaphysical types, allies, and anyone whom is just cool.

The reason we chose Friendica over Mastodon is because Friendica’s goal is to “talk to everyone”. Currently Friendica (and therefore NextPayge Social) can communicate via ActivityPub, Diaspora*, OStatus, Twitter, RSS Feeds and several other protocols. So you don’t need a lot of different tools, software or apps. You can just connect to your information sources and you will see that they appear in your timeline.
You may (optionally) fill in this form via OpenID by supplying your OpenID and clicking "Register". If you are not familiar with OpenID, please leave that field blank and fill in the rest of the items.
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